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Lil Tower

Lil Tower

Build Time: 1-2 Weeks

Contact us for customizations

Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico Residents: Due to higher shipping costs please reach out for current accurate shipping costs. Contential United States: shipping cost is built into the structure cost

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Hey, you've been looking around our shop for a bit. Found what you're looking for? I see you've been eyeing that tower over there. What's that? Your rabbit tends to jump like she thinks she's in a high jump competition? You wanted something smaller, but your cousin once removed who's an evil scientist refuses to lend you his shrink ray? Ummm......okay.

Introducing the Lil Tower!! The compact solution to your tower needs. Just like our regular Paw Castle Tower, but smaller and, well, just smaller. 1 story instead of the normal 2, all other amenities remaining the same. Same wood construction, same square footprint in your little buddy's cage, same lame jokes in the descript......

Ok, we got the rabbits off the keyboard, time to talk about this seriously. Like our regular Tower, we have created this structure out of 100% pine wood and build without any metal that might potentially harm your fluffy friends' teeth. Some people have been asking for a smaller version and we've been working hard to get this to be a reality.

Here's something for you to fulfill all your needs(or at least the rabbits needs...). We have a one story handcrafted all pine structure that your rabbits can run, chew, jump, chew, play, chew, climb, and chew. Built with sturdy 3/4" pine wood and built with your bunnies digestive and toothy needs in mind, you won't find a scrap of metal anywhere inside. No nails, no screws, nothing for your bunnies to harm their cute tiny little teeth on.

And, on top of all that (literally), a balcony where they can sit and survey all that they own. Complete with windows/holes to aid in their view, and your view of them!!

Measuring a generous 18" on each of the 4 sides and standing 17" tall, this is a piece that bunnies will use to impress all their friends. And, no worries about them knocking it over, it weighs in at 12 lbs.

Due to structural stability the rabbit head cutouts will come with cutouts of 2 rabbit heads, not 3.

Need it customized? No problem! Contact us and we'll be happy to work something out

****Shipping is included with the price of the structure*****

The final price is $125 for the structure and $70 for the shipping.

Looking for some soft comfy amazing pad for your babies that will fit our structures check out our friend Bunnies with Aloha Tower Pads 

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