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Let it roll

Let it roll

Build Time: 1-3 Days

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Does your rabbit have a gambling addiction? Does the bunny constantly feel the need to roll dice and push his/her luck all the time? Are you tired of seeing your little fluffy one push things around in order to 'press their luck'? We here at Paw Kreations understand your issues and would like to help.

Introducing our newest member into our line of toys, the Let it Roll! To help wean your rabbit off the need to roll dice all the time, this cube shaped toy comes with holes that can be stuffed full of treats. You can also challenge your rabbit, if you're feeling like it, as the Let it Roll comes in multiple difficulties, based on the number of holes provided: I got this (4), hold my Kookies (2), and are u hoppin kidding (1).

As with all of our products, this clever toy is made with 100% pine wood and your rabbit can chew on any part of it. This is especially fun to watch as your bunny is likely to get frustrated at some point and needs to take it out on something. Hey, better the rabbit chew on this toy and not your clothes/carpet/electrical cords/etc.

3 levels
Easy - 4 holes - I got this
Medium - 2 holes - Hold my Kookies
Hard - 1 hole - Are u hopping kidding

All 3 levels are available for a discounted price

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