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Bunny's First Kastle

Bunny's First Kastle

Build Time: 4-6 Weeks

Contact us for customizations

Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico Residents: Due to higher shipping costs please reach out for current accurate shipping costs. Contential United States: shipping cost is built into the structure cost

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Alright, alright, alright. Get the 'awww's and the 'how cute's out of the way now. I'll wait.

We know that this looks like someone accidentally hit the 'On' button for a shrink ray and quickly realized that it was pointed at our regular Kastle, but......actually, that's not a bad story. Let's go with it. That nameless employee has since been reprimanded, but I think he/she still works here. Oh, stop it, we're not monsters and we're not going to let the potential go to waste here.

That being said, this is a collection of 2 of our Lil Towers(modified slightly) along with a bridge and ramp. All pieces are made from 100% chewable ingredients(Pine boards, wooden dowels and non-toxic wood glue) so your rabbit can chew it up to their hearts content. Even if you do have a super chewer, it'll take next to forever to do enough damage to where you'll need to order another one. The individual pieces are joined together with french cleats, so it is just as modular as our regular Kastle.

If you've got the room, this would be a wonderful addition any rabbit's habitat. They'll be able to hop and play and chew and lay around wherever they like. It's also good for those of you who have 'jumpy' rabbits, since this is a shrunken version and nowhere near as tall as the regular Kastle. You'll also find it to be more affordable.

The bridge comes in at 24" long x 12.75" wide and 5.5" tall.

The ramps are 22.5" long x 11.25" wide and 2" tall.

The Lil towers measure a generous 18" on each of the 4 sides and standing 17" tall.

Due to structural stability the rabbit head cutouts will come with cutouts of 2 rabbit heads, not 3.

Need it customized? No problem! Contact us and we'll be happy to work something out

***We here at Paw Kreations understand that shipping costs are a large part of your decision to buy a Paw Kreations Item as such we are working hard to make it easy to purchase Paw Kreations item at a reasonable price, if you have concerns about the shipping costs please feel free to contact us for a shipping quote.***

The final price is $300 for the structure and $190 for the shipping.

Looking for some soft comfy amazing pad for your babies that will fit our structures check out our friend Bunnies with Aloha Tower Pads 

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