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Bunny Buffet - Medium

Bunny Buffet - Medium

Build Time: 1-2 Weeks

Contact us for customizations

Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico Residents: Due to higher shipping costs please reach out for current accurate shipping costs. Contential United States: shipping cost is built into the structure cost

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Does your rabbit poop wherever he likes? You put out some hay or some greens and he/she just sits there munching down and making a mess of his pen? Would you like a solution to this?

Well, I suppose if there's going to be a solution, this is it. Litter box and hay feeder all wrapped up into one. Extra bonus, the hay can stay absolutely clean and delicious at all times. Cause let's face it, we know what goes on in that litter box and it isn't exactly pretty.

So, clean room, clean litter box and clean hay. It's the rabbit trifecta! Plus, you know that your rabbit will always have a fresh supply of new, clean hay readily available(thanks to you always filling it up, of course).

Like all of our products, this is made with 3/4" pine boards and put together with wooden dowels. If someone figures out how to make a wooden hinge, then we'll be able to brag about how there's no metal in this one either. Until that day, there's only so much that we can do. It stands 18.5" tall, 18.5" wide and 21.5" deep. It takes care of so many things all at once, there should still be plenty of room for your little furry treasure to hop wherever he/she wants to.

The dimensions of the litter box is 18.5" wide by 15" deep.

If you would like this customized please message me

***We here at Paw Kreations understand that shipping costs are a large part of your decision to buy a Paw Kreations Item as such we are working hard to make it easy to purchase Paw Kreations item at a reasonable price, if you have concerns about the shipping costs please feel free to contact us for a shipping quote.***

The final price is $100 for the structure and $70 for the shipping.

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