Hello Paw Kreations!!

Hello Paw Kreations!!

Hello Spotify shoppers!!

We are happy to arrive here and provide you all with the best quality items we can make. Before you start shopping (or in the middle or it, doesn't matter), we would like to share with you some information about us, specifically our rabbits, who are happy to quality control all of our treats.

Our oldest rabbits are Freesia and IPA, both at about 9 years old. IPA is a Hotot at about 3 lbs, Freesia is an English Lop coming in at about 5 lbs. She is definitely queen of our little hollow. Then there is Emmy, who is a Hotot/Dwarf rabbit and is about 7 years old. She's easily the smallest of the four, but has got the biggest attitude. Finally, we have Stitch. He's the youngest at about 3 years old and we're still trying to get him bonded with the rest. He has his own brand of spice and his thumbs are super loud!

We will, of course, tell more stories about the rabbits, complete with pictures, some other time, but for now we just want to say how happy we are to be here and we're excited for the opportunity to help you get something that makes your rabbits happy.


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